Kerbing & Drainage

Repairing and upgrading carriageway kerbs (granite stone and precast concrete) and highway drainage systems.

Repair and upgrade with minimum impact

Precast Concrete Kerbing

We install a wide range of kerbs and edgings to suit the design and access needs including dropped crossings and new footpath construction.

Natural Stone and Conservation Kerbing

We carefully handle and install natural and conservation granite kerbs to ensure a high quality installation that is in keeping with the local heritage and public realm design of the area.

Gully Drainage

We install new and replace drainage gullies including connections to the local surface water drainage network; including iron-work and reinstatement works.

Slot Drainage

We install slot-drain systems ranging from light to heavy duty to suit the working environment; including all connections into the local surfacing water drainage network.

drain close up photo

Works for any type of application

Below are examples of kerbing and drainage works DJT Surfacing has undertaken in a safe and considerate manner.

Precast Concrete Kerbing

natural stone conservation kerbing

Natural Stone Kerbing

gully drainage

Gully Drainage

slot drainage

Slot Drainage

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