Gully Cleansing

Maintaining road gullies and drainage soakaways through desilting using jetting and vacuum, or combination tanker vehicles.

Reducing the risk of flooding and environmental pollution


We empty gullies, manholes and soakaways of built-up silt and debris to maintain drainage capacity within public highways, car parks and hardstandings.

Post Highway Maintenance Cleansing

Gullies can be inspected and emptied of any debris accumulated during highway maintenance and improvement works to ensure full capacity is available within the drainage system.

Reducing Flooding Risk

Emptying gullies, manholes and soakaways can remove built up sediment and other obstructions that could reduce the drainage storage capacity and prevent surface water from draining into the local network. Our vacuum units are capable of emptying all types of drainage systems.

Recycling of Debris

Collected debris from drainage systems can be processed and recycled to recover waste aggregate that can be reused for construction purposes.

manhole cleaning closeup

Examples Of Our Work

Below are examples of gully and drainage system emptying works DJT Surfacing has undertaken in a safe and considerate manner.

gully cleansing truck on road

Gully Cleaning

soakaway manhole cover being cleaned

Soakaway/Manhole Cleaning

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